Welcome To Cleo's Cattery

We have re opened in 2019 and are celebrating by offering the best accommodation and delivery prices in Sydney - there's never been a better time to book with us! See Rates menu for details.

Here at Cleo’s Cattery we are faithful servants to our feline friends. Our huge suites offer room to roam, treating Sydney cats to their very own holiday while you’re away. Human ‘butlers’ remain on site 24/7 to provide all meals, grooming and stimulation that kitty is surely accustomed to at home. Our vision is for Cleo’s Cattery to feel like a second family home to your beloved cat that is luxurious and affordable. Come and see what we're about, and trust Cleo's on your next getaway.

Our Rooms

Queen Suite

  • Occupancy: 1-2 Cat(s)
  • Size: 8-10m³
  • View: Interior

Queen Garden Suite

  • Occupancy: 1-6Cat(s)
  • Size: 22-25m³
  • View: Garden - 24h Outdoor Access

King Suite

  • Occupancy: 1-6 Cats(s)
  • Size: 13-15m³
  • View: Garden Side

King Garden Suite

  • Occupancy: 1-6 Cat(s)
  • Size: 25-30m³
  • View: Garden - 24h Outdoor Access


At what times can I drop off and pick up my cat?

Mon - Sun: 9am to 12noon.

If you cannot drop off or pick up your cat during these times it can be possible to come at other times, by appointment. In particular we understand that you may need to pick your cat up on a Sunday night, or Monday night on long weekends.

What will Cleo’s provide?

We provide:

  • A spacious secure and comfortable run for catteries.
  • In cat boarding a Individual exercise time in one of four outdoor garden areas.
  • A warm, friendly and interesting environment.
  • A variety of bedding (including heating pads in cooler months).
  • Premium dry, tinned and fresh food.
  • Lots of personalized attention for your cat.
  • Special dietary and medication needs catered for.
  • An air conditioned environment in boarding cattery.

What will I need to bring?

Besides your cat, all you will need to bring is proof of current vaccination. Your cat should be currently treated for fleas and other parasites, such as intestinal worms.

Can I bring my cat’s own food?

We provide premium quality dry and canned foods as well as fresh meat. However, if you feel more comfortable doing so, you can bring your cat’s own food.

Should I bring my cat’s toys and other things?

Cats usually like to have something with the smell of home. Feel free to bring toys, your cat’s own bed and scratching posts. Sometimes just a towel, rug or an article of your clothing will make them feel more secure.

Will my cat have to share a run with other cats?

Each cat will have its own individual run. Each run is separated from the run next door by a solid wall. Cats only share a run if they come from the same family.

My cat is on medication. Can this be administered while in boarding?

We will give medication to your cat. For injections we do charge an additional nominal fee.

Can I ring while I am away to enquire how my cat is?

As cat people we understand that owners worry about their cats and are happy to talk to you about your cat. Family and friends can also arrange to visit if this is desired.

What happens if my cat gets sick while boarding?

If your cat becomes ill we will attempt to call you.  If we feel that it is necessary, we will take your cat to our local vet with whom we have a very good and long standing relationship. The welfare of your cat is important to us.

Do you pick up and deliver?

Yes we do, FREE for stays more than 21 days or we charge a flat rate of $50 for one pick up / drop off, Sydney wide.

Shuttle service is subject to availability, please call to schedule a booking time.